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Up to his neck in personal issues, such as the custody battle for his son, commander Ruppel has to unravel an industrial espionage network in Frankfurt involving a Brazilian submarine project and the sex trafficking of children and adolescents. Emma – the only name he has - is the main piece of the puzzle, a woman tattooed with two snakes in the shape of the infinity symbol. Using cryptic instructions set to the sound of Beethoven's symphonies, Ruppel is running out of time: when the truth starts to emerge, it may be too late.

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Rodinei é um militar exemplar, companheiro para toda ocasião, um exemplo para seus colegas de trabalho. Mas ninguém suspeita de sua vida dupla, das manchas de sangue em suas mãos. É possível imaginar o que há por trás de cada pessoa que conhecemos? Quais as histórias de vida que corroem o coração de cada um? O que impediria Rodinei de completar sua missão? Tudo ou nada?

Missão Pré-Sal 2025


Brazilian Navy officer Rodolfo Ruppel has been sent to London on a secret mission. On the surface, this is an opportunity for him and his wife to enjoy a second honeymoon and perhaps revive their lifeless marriage. The mission, it seems, is to recapture stolen information about the Pre-Salt 2025 project, a revolutionary concept developed by the Brazilian navy: a hybrid submarine, half-diesel, half-nuclear, potentially the most powerful weapon in recent years. His instructions are delivered to his cell phone encrypted in a graphical image, the Sunflowers, by Vincent van Gogh.

However, soon, he will face unplanned situations and will have to improvise. Naval engineer Victoria Borges puts his marriage into harsh relief. London leads to a world of espionage which presents him with new challenges in political and strategic military affairs.


After participating in the mission in London, Victoria Borges begins training in the British secret service, with the aim of training herself to combat threats to her country's security. Now, back in Frankfurt, during the qualification stage, she has to deal with a terrorist group that goes to great lengths to target its enemies, and as suspicions of an imminent bombing come to fruition, Victoria will understand that the second step is to become a good spy is to survive.

Secret Life — Entre Missões is a classic spy tale set in mid-2016 in Germany and Rio de Janeiro. The plot is independent and takes place between Pre-Salt 2025 Mission and Dry Land Mission.

Secret Life — Between Missions was a finalist for the III ABERST Literature Prize in the short thriller category.



     Photo by Andrea Rocha

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Vivianne Geber is a Commander and a military legal advice in the Brazilian Navy for over twenty-four years. 

His entire adult life was  writer of petitions, appeals and legal opinions, but  in London, where she lived for two years, she became avid writing for readers — touch their souls and transport them to a different world.

Vivianne is a member of ABERST — Brazilian Association of Police, Suspense and Horror Novel Writers.

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